1st day of Ljubljana Fashion Week was so inspiring

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This edition of Ljubljana Fashion Week is giving us full of news. The first one is the venue, Hotel Slon, where they did a really amazing work with the catwalk full of high straight lights that I really adore.

The first to present the newest collection was ZOOFA, the designer shop in the centre of Ljubljana, bringing togerher several great designers. They are: PATRICIA PIE, ZELOLEPO, JSP, PRINCIP by Mojca Celin, NELIZABETA, NI–nikoliisto/neveridentical, Renata Bedene, Firma by Sanja, Simona Kogovšek, tinapavlin and vesnastih.

This was also the collection that I liked the most from yesterdays catwalks.

It is so feminine and so full of character, the perfect match for newdays women, creating our lives as we want to and dealing with all just fine, because life is how we choose it to be.

There are so many pieces that I would have in my wardrobe rightaway, especially a black jacket with a double collar and the long satene dress in tourquise color. I am liteally in love with this two pieces. So , this definitely was my favourite show of the evening.



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The collection described by the dsigners:

The name is Urban Nomads. “We are the heroes of the present time, creating our future. Nothing material matters anymore, neither are we attached to cities or people. We feel at home evrywhere we go. We travel roads that lead nowhere. Our lives are carried in our leather bags, because we don’t like plastic. We read only digital newspapers, because we care for trees. Our clothes are handmade from natural materials and they last decades. We are citizens of the world, eternal travelers, true friends, free as birds in the world with no limits. We are urban nomads.”

I so adore all the concept, because is so we, so Cute Life.


The other designers to perform last evening were: Tina Gorkič, Miro Mišljen and EBER Krznarstvo. Here is all about their collections from them to us.


Tina Gorkič

The name of the collection: AISHA

“Aisha. Woman, life, being alive. The collection Aisha brings to light african women and their everyday battles for gender equality. The essence of the collection is the question about the identity of women in Africa and their approval infront of men. Looking for symbols has brought me to the way of combining different patterns and texstures, where there is a huge focus on the materials and the collection is even more oriented into texile design.”


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Tina Gorkič has presented her collection for the first time on the Ljubljana Fashion Week, because of winning the award last time as one of the students of Fashion design from NTF Faculty in Ljubljana.



The name of the collection: The Loves of Vincent Van Gogh

“Craving for the women that rejected him, because she was not in love with him, craving after a selfish prostitute, craving after parisian girls. The genius that couldn’t make true his big dream of his true love, the artist with the broken heart. The inspiration for my newest collection are the women that couldn’t cure the artists broken heart. In the creation of the women collection for 2017 I united different women chatacters and gave them the power of the artist work, especially the dsporoporcionate silhuettes in his paintings.”

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EBER Krznarstvo (EBER Furriery)- Mateja Štimac

Name of the collection: MIX & MATCH PART II

“Putting together and mix, until the perfect combination is there: the collection of EBER Furriery for autumn/winter 2016/17 is based on the patchwork concept. To obtain the perfect and unique matching that enchances the qualty and exclusiveness of our collections, we mixed different colors of the same textures and different types of fur. We combined also leather and fur and knitwerar with fur. The boldness of the EBER Furriery collection in its colors and the cmbination of them, what brings an infinite variety of combinations and stylings.”


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Video: Barbara Karničar, Cute Life

Photos: Jure Makovec, LJFW

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