Ljubljana Fashion Week is closing the Doors with an amazing final Day

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Yes, it was inspiring, soul-warming, refreshng and glamorous, all that I desired from the final day of the shows at Ljubljana Fashion Week.

The favourites of this day are three for me: Maja FermeYoung @Squat and Sanija Reja Aske. So different but I loved the collections, because it’s all about how I like to be, the two poles of me, fine and glamorous when I desire to and casual but always with an excelent final touch of soft feminine and exclusive details.

I know Maja Ferme for so many years, since we were students at the University studying fashion, so I follow all her work feom the beginning and collection after collection she amazes me more. The fine touch, the story behind all the connection with the women that she dresses, the vibe behind. You can just feel the women wearing her creations and the life she has.

Awesome designs for awesome women that knows what and who she wants in her life.


The collection described by Maja Ferme:

The name of the collection is STUDIO 77.

“The collection celebrates the women that shines like a jewel. Luxurious fabrics of rich color nuances are inviting everyone to pary, socialize, laughter and pleasures.  They softly embrace the body, providing a pleasant feeling of warmth and allowing to feel comfortable and exsclusive.”


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The second one I so adored is Young@Squat the total opposite, but you know what is said for us creatives, that we have two extremes, one for the passion in us and one for the reason. Depends of what we are mostly listening to.

In this collection I so loved the details, the big silver rings on the zips and belts, the shirts and the little ponchos that just cover the arms just below the elbow.

So girly but straight.



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The heart of Young@Squat brand are fur fashion designers: Barbara Krmelj, Maja Leskovšek, Sara Valenci and Timotej Bistan.

The name of their collection is SIX.

“Young@Squat presents for the resort season a collection that is going ahead with the previous planned route for autumn/winter 2016/17. The awesome couple Vincent and Christina are still an awesome ispiration for us with their character and their cameleon image. This time the focus in on the individual pieces and on the details that define them. In a dynamic styling come together the estetics of each designer, expresive with simple details and tailored details with volumen and texture. In the name of the modern way of dressing, the women and men fashion is mixed up.”


Sanija Reja Aske took my eye again with the papillons all over.

Everyone that knows me, know that I am a papillon girl and all the accessories on her catwalk were really little jewels for me.

Sanija about her collection:

The name of the collection is Buona Serata Marla! “You met me at a very strange time of my life.”



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The other designers performing this evening were: Nejc Šubic, N a t a s a H r u p i c and Petja Zorec.

The collections presented by them:

Nejc Šubic

Name of the collection: Semiloner

“In the collection Semiloner

” The collection Semiloner as a counterbalance to unnecessary embarrassment or asocial behavior troubles breaking “Peter Pan” complex, with different and irresistible aesthetics of the skate culture. In the clothes  for young nobodys there is all about functionality, blended with unnecessary, almost decadent details, which testify the display of life styles of young people. Strong pieces are in pastel colors with motifs from past and present. Through the collection there is a match of sports items placed alongside classic ones with an emphasis on comfort and independence. Mixing natural and artificial materials with different techniques of printing, embroidering and knitting are also added to the basic pieces, witting together a spontaneous story of urban life . ”


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N a t a s a H r u p i c

The name of the collection is FORMA | DEFORMA.

“The collection in built on two assumptions, the form of the body and the body of the clothes itself. It is formed on the basis of forms and shapes, perfectionism and relationships that accompany the body at different poses . The exploration was brought from the scupturing and scketching into texstile and knitting medium. All brings to purified forms, thoughtfully composed of lines and clear visualization – forming the body of the garment. Outerwear pieces continue the base interpretation of physicality. Garments are constructed in a way that each notch is planned and placed in a place that does not deform the basic patterns and silhouettes of the body. Strong emphasis on the functionality of clothing, including natural, body-friendly materials as well as the color the palette, which is based on color shades for more options.

The design of the motifs: Tomislav Blažević


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Petja Zorec

Name of the collection: The one that got biten by the snake is afraid of every rope.

“The collection SS17 represents the exploration of the symbolism and physical properties of snakes through organic patterns, textures, patterns, fabric manipulation and silhouettes in a humorous way. Men’s collection flirts with members of the controversial zootsuit movement with a modern twist and playful details. Do we fear these elusive creatures we because we do not understand their behaviour? Cold at touch, the unpleasant scaly structure of their skin, caution or camouflage colors? Do weultivate resistance to all that we don’t know /don’t understand? Or maybe fear only certain similarities with those “snakes” that we carry within ourselves and perceive in others?”


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See all the happening in our video below and check all out on our YOU TUBE CHANNEL:

Video: Barbara Karničar, Cute Life

Photos: Jure Makovec, LJFW

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