St. Petersburg Part I. – The Hermitage Museum

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First time I visited Russia when I was 16. At that time I discovered beautiful Moscow with my family.

This time, at age 41, was my next time to have the pleasure to return to Russia again. I visited beautiful St. Petersburg almost every week over a period of three months travelling around the Baltic. You can only imagine how many beautiful unique memories I was  able to collect.

My first memory about this charming city is about one of it’s most magnificient art works, The Hermitage Museum, known also as the Winter Palace. The Hermitage is now known as one of the three most visited museums in the wold, embracing more than 3 million pieces of art. It’s name Winter Palace comes from a simple fact that it was the palace that Catherine the Great used in winter time.

The entrance part, all in grey and white marble, with chandeliers hanging over my head, left me speachless.


Catherine is the one that owns the beginnings of The Hermitage as a museum. It started first as a private art collection of Empress Catherine the Great in the 1764. She was collecting art pieces from all over Europe and by the time of her death the collection was almost 4000 pieces.


The Hermitage Museum opened it’s doors to the public first time in 1852. Nowdays it has to offer so many collections to see and so much to experience that you can spend many  hours and days in it and you’ll not be able to see everything. On the official page you can find out all the details about it’s history and what all is avaliable for visitors. Right now it’s closed, because of the situation we are facing, but it is for sure one of the places that I warmly suggest you to write on your bucket list.

I’m gonna show you just a little part of all the photos I took, because you really need to see it by yourself. The pictures I choose to show you I  focused on beautiful sealing designs, paintings, ornaments and the floors. It is simply magnificient.

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In the Gallery at the top of this page you can see a few more pictures of the interiors and the architecture of the Hermitage Museum.

Let me know what you think about this beautiful piece of art and leave a comment below.

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