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The last day was the one I was waiting for, because of the fashion show of my dear friend Tanja Zorn. I am writing about it one month after, because of all the going on and to be honest is just fine because all the feelings about the collections just settled down and took their part in my fashion world.

Five fashion shows enlightened the 3rd and last day of this edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana. The 24th of May was the day that all the ideas strengthened in a place to meet many new chances and choices.

The catwalk of this last evening was seduced by Tanja Zorn, Nataša Peršuh, Sara Valenci, IVANMAN and Charlie Design.


Tanja Zorn

Fashion designer Tanja Zorn Grželj rationalism arises in determining the structure of the collection and its functional details. The collection name is Dragonfly and with it Tanja Zorn describes her life, her philosophy, desires, joys and goals. The colorful life between water and sky mixed with functional details, play with contrast and sensual surfaces.

Of course severl of this pieces will soon be in my wardrobe. ☺ Because she takes care of my style many times.

TanjaZorn 4

Nataša Peršuh

Nataša Peršuh bets on minimalism. The inspiration for her design is found in street style fashion of metropolises in the current cultural and artistic events, movies and history. Inspired by the fusion of everyday responsibilities and requirements of modern times for movement and functionality, combined with the principles of high fashion and uniqueness of small series. The collection Fall/Winter 2016/17 represents a connection of high summer and deep winter, modern glamor, which is equivalent to a presence on the streets and on the red carpet.


Sari Valenci

Last year’s winner of the prize Mercedes-Benz Fashion Award Sari Valenci defines the unique, daring and socially critical pieces of clothing. The passion for design is discovered at an early age and she is inspired everywhere: traveling, by the people she meets on her journeys and their stories. The collection Fall/Winter 2016/17 is an ode to all the phenomena of suburban style, which through a subtle color palette of blue sea and brownish tones turns into street fashion.

Tomaž Turk on Sari Valenci show.
Tomaž Turk on Sari Valenci show.


The brand IVANMAN, headquartered in Berlin, was founded by croatian designer Ivan Mandžukić, with the aim to create a combination of classic and avant-garde clothing for men. Fashion is seen as a social phenomenon, it analyzes the deconstruction, examines its individual parts and their reconstruction. The collection, despite the contrast of fabrics, shapes, materials and colors, follows and focuses on full cut, minimalism and high wearable items.

This is a collection that I totally adore. And my man will for sure have few pieces out of it!


Charlie Design

Luxury brand of the Croatian fashion scene relies on the transformation of sculptural forms in unique fashion pieces. Charlie Design, founded in 1987 by Loredana and Branko Bahorić, swears by the unsurpassed quality. Successful balance of artistic design and wearable architecture, celebrates minimalism, avant-garde flair and complete usability. The collection Fall/Winter 2016/17 tells a pure black-and- white fashion story that blurs the boundaries between seasons. The mixture of materials operates in summer and winter, the white story in contrast with the black creates a unique, timeless fashion fairytale.


So, this was the last and closing day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana. I was really fascinated by sveral pieces from Tanja Zorn and IVANMAN and I have to admit that also Nataša Peršuh surprised me this time with a more feminine collection, that I was missing before. Bravo to all of them and to the organisators.

See you all in October!

Photos: Cute Life & Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana



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