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We are going ahead. The 2nd day of Ljubljana Fashion Week gave us a bunch of new fresh collections.

I just adored three of them again, Maja Ferme, PRINCIP by Mojca Celin and Eric Matyash. So let’s take a look at them.



The collection’s sensual feminine school-marine look fascinated me. It’s a collection made to be worn the whole year and not only in the autumn or winter, because the pieces are really adaptable when speaking of seasons. I adore the embroideries on the  knitted sweaters in combination with a maxi skirt fluttering on the catwalk. The body-tailored dresses in bordeaux, showing just a little bit of skin and the foulards are just breathtaking. The collection is delicate, sensual and feminine, but (if I must say it twice) totally wearable.

LJFW april2016 MAJA FERME fashion Foto by Jure Makovec
LJFW april2016 MAJA FERME fashion Foto by Jure Makovec


Maja Ferme about her collection:

Grey Gardens

” It is not a fashion style, it is my lifestyle . Grey Gardens is a breakthrough to something beautiful and valuable , what we call life. ”



Mojca Celin is now presenting her collections under the name of her brand, PRINCIP. The detailed elaborated patchwork work  was a real (delight or treat) for the eyes on almost every piece. It’s really something valuable and extremely well done, a science of tradition, craft work. Most of all, all the pieces are truly designed for the contemporary woman, the one that works hard, takes care of her relationships, work, family, all in one. A business- driven, family- oriented and feminine woman, the goddess of modern days.

CONCEPT_Mojca Celin_ LJFW (1)


Mojca Celin about her collection:


” There are materials, clothes and stories that remain forever in us.”


Eric Matyash

The two designers behind this brand are Erik Maj Potočnik and Matjaž Plošinjak. They melted together the classic and extravagant essence that lies in every woman. The polite and remarkable nice woman wearing elegant tailored dresses with pearl-like embroideries and details and the bitchy extravagant dominating ego in each one of us, the one that brings fire in everything .

So, that’s just me, and the long maxi skirt in red of course. I fell in love with it!

Eric Matyash_ LJFW


The designers about the collection:


” The basic idea of this collection is a reflection on the current social conflicts , cultural differences and the refugee crisis that subtly speaks about integration and acceptance of diversity. A path of crucifixion brings us towards the widening of our horizons , networking and new opportunities. Color drives the image of the collection as a symbol of roads. It complements the silhouette, the feminine side with precised tailoring, combined with urban multipurpose pieces . Crossroads is not just focused on a single season or seasons, but is presented as a line of clothing for each and every month of the year . ”



The other designer presented the 2nd evening of LJFW about their collections:


Miro Mišljen

Lonely Mountain

” Each of us is a lonely mountain, an island , a magnificent star / or / something even more lonely in the dark. /  The miracle is this already, / that something appears / or someone / who enlightens this darkness . / And nothing more. ( Neža Maurer ) ”

24_LJFW_april2016_MiroMisljen_Foto_by_Jure_Makovec (23)


Katarina Andrejić

Dare to Wear

” Urban dresses for weddings and special occasions with the seal of uniqueness and feminine forms . ”

Katarina Andrejic_LJFW (3)


Simona Lampe


” The collection is intended for the warrior in us and is inspired by the warriors from the times of the Vikings and pirates . On the runway, there were a lot of different materials, hats, layering, powerful pieces and styles. Probably the reason for this collection is reflected in a period of uncertainty, which is now presenting itself in the world, riots, war, fear. I want to convey the message that we should not give up – make our the fights , but not with weapons, with patience, love and peace. The collection remains faithful to the ecological approach, therefore, half of the collection is about recycling old pieces from brands including YSL and Burberry . ”



See more pictures in our Gallery above and enjoy the slovenian fashion!


Foto:  Karin Bizjak, Cute Life (pics with Huawei P8, no filters) ; Jure Makovec, LJFW

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