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In the end of last year I was guest at the beauty Collistar weekend in Milano.


The amazing Duomo Cathedral, Milano
The amazing Duomo Cathedral, Milano


As always Milano welcomed me with its fashion vibe, but this time it was more beauty oriented as we spent two days with the amazing Collistar team.

The new collection is designed in collaboration with the newest model of Fiat 500, the cute car that is just the type that we cuties adore. The whole event was full of this new beauties that every girl and woman would like to have to spent her days in the city with and of course with the newest make-up line TI AMO 500 by Collistar.


The Teatro where the šress conference Ti Amo 500 by Collistar took part in Milano.
The Teatro where the press conference Ti Amo 500 by Collistar took part in Milano.


In this two days I had the pleasure to know the amazing team that drives this beauty brand ahead and the phenomenal woman that Daniela Sacerdote, the owner and the heart of the brand is.


The Collistar equipe with Daniela Sacerdote in the middle (red shirt( and happy me (yellow dress) and all the media girls and boy from Europe.
The Collistar equipe with Daniela Sacerdote in the middle (red shirt) and happy me (yellow dress) and all the media girls and boy from Europe.

She took her time and shared with me some essential tips and awesome knowledge about the world of beauty and about life itself.

Karin Bizjak: What are your passions as talking of design?

Daniela Sacerdote: I adore the interior design and I am mostly passionate about glass. In my home there are big glass windows and I have so many old venetian vases, beautiful glass pieces and I just adore looking at the light that shines trough them. I think that the italian designers are absolutely fantastic.

KB: What are the best beauty products for you?

DS: I believe that cosmetics serves to feel beautiful but also to fell comfortable with yourself. For me the essential products for a woman are absolutely a face creme and a body creme. I use them everyday.

If I speak about the Collistar products, I am very proud of the fact that we have lounched products that are iconic now in each area of body care. The line Attivi Puri that now has exspanded in all the areas, the product Gocce Magiche that adds some color to your face when your skin is pale. Then the magic Talasso Scrub which is a product that only we have and makes your skin so smooth and awesome without using anorher product afterwards.

Taking care of yourself is a fact of using the beauty products, yes, but also taking care of you as a person and it gives you more autonomy in your life. Autonomy, welfare, happyness, feeling happy with yourself, which is not an easy thing.

KB: What you cherrish the most at your work?

DS: I love being in office with all my people and I just love to connect them all. I work a lot and for me is very important to let them know that I trust in them. And if there are errors we always solve everything. You cannot drive everything just with being professional, is not enough, you need energy and passion. Is an important part of the whole picture of the business, to be connected and do it together. The heart is always in the team and we are very passionate.


Take a look in our Gallery for more pics of the Collistar event in Milano and the collection Ti Amo 500.

The new Collection Ti Amo 500 by Collistar
The new Collection Ti Amo 500 by Collistar


Foto: Collistar, Fiat & Cute Life

Our pictures are all taken with Huawei P8 device, with no filters used.

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