The rigth way to take a shower

I was listening to the radio yesterday and the girl was talking about  how to take a shower right. So I decided to make a few top points that will maybe change the way you do shower.

My tips for a good shower that is good for your skin:

  1. Shower with cold water. If you do shower with warm water, at least finish with the cold one. It refreshens your skin and makes the circulation better.
  2. The shower should be very short, just in, wash and out.
  3. If you can, use soap and shower gels every second day, because is good if you wash your skin only with water, especially for intimate areas.
  4. After the shower try to use products as oils and lotions, that will hidrate your skin for all day. Below I am exposing few of mine favourite ones.

shower_cutelife (3)

Try to change this few steps in showering and you will see the cange in the freshnes of your skin.


LEMON & GINGER refreshing soap by AQUA COLONIA

is a combination of refreshing lemon ingredients and ginger. It smells like sun and gets to me with a true feeling of nature. I adore this scient.

4711_ACQUA COLONIA_Lemon_Ginger_Soap_small

Essense & Co. shower gel with lemon and verbena by ORIFLAME  is refreshing and full of natural oils that will moisturize your skin. This is a soap for hands but I use it also for shower because I adore the scient and the feeling that remains on my skin.



For finish, after my shower, I adore to spoil myself and firm the skin on my body. As I just turned 40 in february, I really look to do the best for my skin everyday. I just adore the SENSAI Body Firming Emulsion. This is a perfect anti-age emulsion that smoothens and firms the skin and makes it like japanese silk to touch.



I hope I gave you some new tips to try out and make your body skin better.

Stay Cute 😉


Photo: Image courtesy of marin, nenetus, num_skyman at, Aqua Colonia, Oriflame

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