The new Jewellery Collection 2017 by Ines Atelier pops up in this december

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I really admire all of Ines work and how she evolves trough it.

This collection is another piece of art that is just in my style and what I love about jewellery pieces – uniqueness and modern style with a hint of history behind.

As a kind of continuation of the previous collection of jewelry, lnes Atelier shows a line of costumised jewelery inspired by the luxurious shapes and forms from nature leaves  – exotic plants,  almost transformed to the abstraction.


Following a more minimalistic approach that was partly represented in the previous season, the designer has created necklaces, earrings and bracelets in the colors silver and pink gold. Smooth rounded surfaces dominate in the contrast to the high-gloss floral compositions of Swarovski crystals in shades of colors related to basic shades of the collection – colors of galvanization.


The crystals are transparent, discreet sheen, without mutual contrast in terms of color, which gives the whole collection the so called “sfumato” effect. This is what makes them very suitable for integration into various outfits, designed for different conditions and circumstances, unrelated to the current season and trend.


The whole collection is completely produced in Milan jeweler studio which produces pieces of the most prestigious jewelery brands.

The main characteristics of  this jewelry is that each piece is as a small work of art, which will acquire its true value in the years to follow, passing from generation to generation, as a sort of family heirloom.

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Photo: Dušan Milenković; Make Up: Mina Abramović; Models: Bojana Anđelić  &  Ornela Karabumba Nkeza; Scenography Marko Ivković

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