Open Kitchen hits Slovenia

I was so happy that finally Odprta Kuhna – Open Kitchen, came to Nova Gorica.

After making such and amazing gathering of all of us food lovers and turists in Ljubljana, Celje and Koper, we got them here! Thank you to the whole equipe for making Nova Gorica live again.

Odprta kuhna is a unique and the most popular food market in Slovenia that has been bringing freshness and innovation to the Slovenian culinary scene since 2013. It has become a regular Ljubljana event and every sunny Friday from early spring to late fall its stands attract thousands of foodies and fans of relaxed hanging-out.

odprtakuhinja 03 web

Having them here, in Nova Gorica,  we decided to make a 1st view of our fashionable day at this amazing food market.

I choosed a tailored jumpsuit in red color, overwhelmed with a beautiful pattern that just reminds me of all the beautiful italian seaside places that I want to visit, like Portofino and Capri that I so adore seeing on all the Instagram posts and I am so craving for.

odprtakuhinja 04 web

The style was all about the jumpsuit and I finished the whole look with a red handbag with a pouff detail, red laque sandals, big round sunglasses with the “maculato” pattern and an unique handmade headband.

odprtakuhinja 02 web

Btw, the hamburger I ate at the Organic Garden stand was so stylish and delicious, mmmmm.

See you soon at Open Kitchen again in Nova Gorica, they are coming up on the 22th od June!


Foto: studiocapsula Photography

Style: Jumpsuit Terminal 3, DIAMANT, Letališka 5, Ljubljana; Headband by AL Ana Lazovski for New Cute, purse New Cute, Kidričeva 18, Nova Gorica, ; Sunglasses from Stradivarius, Trieste, Italy & sandals 10 years old, both from my closet

Make Up: by me with SLA Paris Cosmetics, New Cute, Kidričeva 18, Nova Gorica,

Karin Bizjak Vercellotti

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