Never give up on your dreams!

We all have dreams, desires and goals. However you wanna call them, they are part of us and who are we becoming trough what we feel is right for us and our wellbeing.

This post will be really short and simple for this day of festivities. But I am more of the “every day is a celebration” way of life.

Feed your inner child day by day. I am the one doing it with my passion for fashion, beauty and travel and always kepping it childish enough not to fade in the crowd of “public wannabe style”. I am sad when I see lots of sheeps all styled in the same “fashionable” way and once in a while someone unique pops up and my eyes shine to see and feel this people.

Be you, once and for ever.





Dear Cuties, never ever give up on what you desire, on your dreams, on your visions and who you are, for no one and for nothig!

Sending you LOVE




Styled with NEW CUTE earrings,; Jana Fak Shirt,; iBag purse by Neli Štrukelj,; Combipel coat and Pull & Bear shoes from my wardrobe

Photos by studiocapsula Photography

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