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What is the best part of our lives? The unforgettable moments we collect during our journey, so called life. This are the important pieces of our puzzle that make our lives so special, full of important people, love and beautiful places we have been to.

Photo by Studiocapsula Photography

How we usually make a memory of a moment? We make a picture. Nowdays we make pictures on every step we take, with our smart phones and our cameras. Or we have fantastic friends photographers that make this pictures for us. Anyways, the options are unlimited and we have so many memories worth a special place in our home.

So why don’t we take advantage of all the time we have right now and arrange special corners in our house?

Canvases are a beautiful and artistic solution to all of the rooms in your home. Here is few options how all you can arrange them.

Photos Studiocapsula Photography

Special places you have been to and all the most beautiful travels you did, made you the men or woman you are today. They are a part of us and a memorable piece of are when hanged on the right place in our home.

Your family memories are one of the most important parts of every home. Let them decorate a hallway to your kids rooms or a special part of the house where only you have acess and they will always take you back to that special moments.

Photos by Rentia Smith
Photos by Rentia Smith

Couple moments, wedding memories, the special story of you two will come to life on canvas as nothing before. Your bedroom, your office or the living room is a perfect space for this, where you can play with pictures of the two of you.

Photo by Paolo Pranzo
Photos by Amy Sedgwick
Photo done with smartphone

Pictures of you, the ones you love so much on your instagram, yes those ones. You can select few of them and decorate a wall that will be your personal fashion and artistic budoir.

This kind of compositions in a space are prpared by the team New Cute Art. You simply send them your favourite pictures on their email: and they will prepare everything for you.

With the promotion they are having right now #printyourinstagram, there is awesome art compositions coming to life. Like this one done by Katarina Benček.

Play around and your home will come to a new life.

Find all the options for your Canvas Art on New Cute Art.

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