Mara loves cute small tattoos

Mara is our cutie that loves to sing. And she also loves fashion, beauty and especially tattoos. And she has plenty of them. Plus a super cute cool style and soul.

Talking to her is always a new discovery, this time was te tattoo world time.

Karin Bizjak:

Will you tell us your tattoo story?

Mara Rogelja:

The first tattoo I got was on my right arm on my right wrist and it says OHANA. It means FAMILY. In Hawaii they say:

 Ohana means family, family means no one is left behind or forgotten.

I saw this in one in the cartoon LILO AND STITCH and it was may favourite cartoon and I liked so much this sentence and what it means so now I own it.

mara rogelja 4

The second tatto I did on my left arm and is much bigger and it says: “When words fail music speaks.” This one is obvious, I am a singer and I love music and that is why I did this one.

mara rogelja 5

The third tattoo I made myself and is a little music note. I was home alone and I really wanted a new tatto and I just made it. I was very young, 16 years and wanted all in a hurry, I just did it without drawing it or any preparation at all.

mara rogelja 2

Then was time for another tattoo on my left arm and this is a wolf. I drew the wolf two years ago and really wanted to make a tattoo out of it, so one year later I went to Tetovarna in Maribor in Slovenia and Špela did this amazing work. I really love it. Is my favourite tatto that I own.

mara rogelja 3

We are not finished jet. (Laugh.) I have three other tattoos that I made myself. One is next to the Ohana one and is a little key. I am not talking abut this one because I want it to stay a secret.

Then here is a little moon with the letter S and is dedicated to my grandma who passed away two years ago. And is because the moon really reminds me of her.

mara rogelja 1

On the finger on my left arm I have another tatto and is 2.2 and I made it because my album is called 2.2.

2.2 mara tattoo


Hope Mara will inspire you all to do what you fell with your inner creative voice and express yourself, always.


Foto: Mara Rogelja & Rok Tržan

Karin Bizjak Vercellotti

The Cute Queen (Editor in Chief)

Little Cutie full of energy and good will. New challenges, new knowledge, inspirations, creations, fell of beauty and greatness, is what guides me in life. I love to be with people that inspire me and flow with my energy. With them I am building my dreamlife, my Cute Life. Be Cute

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