INES ATELIER fascinated us with the fashion spectacle ‘’BIRD IN SPACE’’

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The newest collection Spring/Summer 2017 by INES Atelier was presented again on a fabulous venue, that this time was the Fountain in front of the Museum of Yugoslavian history in Belgrade.

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The new collection by INES Atelier, “Bird in Space” is inspired by Constantin Brancusi’s sculpture series of the same name. In the heart of these sculptures is not the appearance of a bird itself, but the representation of the notion of flight.

The dynamic play between clean shapes and bright exotic colours, captures the powerful sensation of flying.

Feathers and wings were eliminated, body elongated, till the edge of futuristic and abstract. That is also the philosophy that the whole design of the collection is based on.

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The idea was to represent the modern woman who hasn’t lost her sensuality and sophistication. She is free and independent, which is shown by using flowy, light fabrics, with printed motifs of wings. To ashape a specific accent to it, neon coloured details were used. Contrast is represented by using Hi-tech satins, 3D nets and metallic leathers, that give the touch of freshness and innovation.

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‘’Beside the quality of the collection itself, the complete production of the fashion show, as well as all the details are so important. Invative design, the show, the cocktail and after party. This show  was so far the biggest challenge till now and I must admit that the most challeging was the weather, but rain by-passed us.” –  Ines Janković said after the show.

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Get rid of all the constraints that the contemporary life brings to our life, is the biggest luxury today. When we get free of them, we begin to live.

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The Show:

Creative direction: Balsa Garcevic – studio Design Buro

Organization Fashion studio Click and Preventer agency

Stage  – circle runway in centre of the fountain by stage maker Dalibor Milićević – Deks

LED screen with animations by Nenad Radojčić (Braća Burazeri)


Photo & materials: INES Atelier

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