Casual street style is a pleasure of everyday

The weather is sunny again and despite the snow and rain, there is still a piece of perfect land in Slovenia, and it’s called Goriška.

This is the region where I live and where Italy is five minutes away, so we can grab a really good coffe and have The Aperitivo everyday ☺

karin LR 17

Yes, this are the pleasures of everyday and one of them is the weather. In  summer is not so funny, because of the really hot summer temperatures, but for the rest of the year I am changing this only for my beloved Dubai and some new destinations ahead.

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So, the weather is sunny again and the temperatures are good for the first shorts, so I choosed a casual romantic outfit fot a sunny spring day. A grey sweater with white lace details, shorts that appear as skirt in the back side, oldtimer white sneakers and a bag with a specific patern made of little quilted squares.

karin LR 16

For the final touch I choosed Ops! Rock rings and sunglasses in grey and white combination, so the match is just perfect and a walk in the sunshine is cousy and relaxed.

karin LR 18


The Cute Life style:

Bag Sophie & Ops! Rock rings, New Cute,, Kidričeva 18, Nova Gorica

Sweater Imperial Fashion, Ikona, Mestni trg 21, Ljubljana

Shorts & sunglasses Max & Co., Miklošičeva 1, Ljubljana

Sneakers bought in Italy when I was 16 years old, long long ago ☺ Look how the fashion goes around!


Foto: studiocapsula Photography

Karin Bizjak Vercellotti

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