Sunny Day at the charming city of Grado

Grado is a beutiful little jewel on the Italian coast, just half an hour from where I live. So we went there for a quick sunny afternoon trip.

The city is full of boutique Hotels and beautiful Villas, which cover the whole centre. There are many restaurants, bars and beautiful stores. And of course lots of boats.

karin_grado with bag

Our first stop was near the seaside, in the canal part, where there are lots of boats. I walked along the boats and had a perfect seaside relaxed outfit with the colors I love the most in hot days, white and red.

karin_grado seaside

I choosed a red sweater covered with a 3D pattern full of flowers and trasparent parts that look like a net and combined it with my beloved old white jeans and white snekers. I already told you about the sneakers, that I bought when I was 16. For the trousers I can say that I had a couple of years more when I choosed them 😁.

karin_grado sea sun

The piece I adore the most is the Big Pearl necklace, with two big details in the shape of pearls and the finish in small shiny crystal-alike stones. It is a perfect piece that makes the whole picture come together.

And the more important piece for a day around is a perfect bag, classy, trendy and big enough for all that I need with me. The school-bag style is a must have that hits the streets in the last two years but slowly came to Slovenia.



Necklace and school bag New Cute,, Kidričeva 18, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Sweater Terminal 3, DIAMANT, Letališka 5, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sunglasses, trousers & sneakers from my personal closet


Foto: studiocapsula Photography

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