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Autumn Winter 2016 Capaign

The newest MANGO collection combines nostalgia for the delicate era, embracing the femininity of the independent woman. The romantic style of silk and chiffon flows in dresses, shirts and frilly sweaters in beige tones, while the addition of leather breaks with such delicateness.


MANGO SEPTEMBER2016_ 05_cmyk


Romanticism imposes itself on New York reality.

Bohemian and cosmopolitan, romantic and rock-inspired, the contrasts that live in New York City. A marked British influence continues the story of the feminine, positive and modern woman of today.


MANGO SEPTEMBER2016_ 02_cmyk

The Brit combination features oversized tweed coats, Prince of Wales check jackets and trousers, shiny vinyl skirts, all replicas from the 80s, charatcerized for its authenticity. From flat or medium-heel shoes with lots of shiny details, to boots that reveal a firm spirit.

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The models: Roos Abbles (Netherlands), Lexi Boling (USA)

Photos & materials: MANGO

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