All the lights UP!

The time is literally shining up. All the ligts in the city, me loving this gold skirt and my soul is shining because of all the happening.

Like three days ago I went to Gorizia in Italy, a city near me that I really adore and love to spent time in. A walk on the piazza Vittoria with all the buildings lightening up was such a fresh welcome back to the childhood, when I spent here almost every weekend cruising trough shops.




This time of the year is so remamkable, because of all the “love is in the air” feeling and the “family affair” publicity, if you want it or not, you get emotional and think of the past years and all the ones before when you were a child. I associate this period to the taste of a god Panettone, a cup of Nesquik in the morning and some mulled wine with friends when is cold outside.

This time I did all of this except having the Nesquik, but I am buying it this week for sure 🙂




Above all I am stil that little girl I was, too childish at moments, loving the “I am” JAZ necklace, the gold shiny skirt combined with a simple T-shirt and a big coat. Yeah, thats so me 🙂

Tell me, what is your favourite flavour of this season?




Styled with Necklace, skirt, coat and boots by Etiketa Shop,; T-shirt H&M form my closet

Photos by studiocapsula Photography

Karin Bizjak Vercellotti

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