The perfect cute Beach, the pink one – Bermuda Island Part II

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The Beach Pink Sand

The first stop from Dockyard is a 15 minutes away drive beach, The Horse Shoe Bay. Bermuda’s famous coastline holds hidden places and miles of beach, all covered by the iconic light pink sand. Some beaches are popular and prized, like Horseshoe Bay Beach, which is know as one of the top 10 beaches in the world.

Dive in the photos we took on this beautiful beach and all the natural surrounding that will take your breath away.

On the way to the pink beach I was walking trough this beautiful path with trees hanging all over me. See more in the Galley above.
And when I stepped on the beach, there was no end of this beautiful pink sand view and endless turquoise waters. See more in the Galley above.
The rocks are like a fairytale view, so beautiful the shapes and all the lines and patterns that the sea draw on them.
I felt in love with this Island. So far is one of the rare places in the world that I like to return to.
Long walks on the beach are my thing and on the Horse Shoe Bay you will never get enough of them.


Natural Wonders of Bermuda Island

Colorful St. George streets. See more in the Galley above.



The Town of St. George is Bermuda’s former capital, centuries old and an UNESCO World Heritage site.




The entrance at the park in St. George



The historic town and nearby fortress that you can see while walking to St. Catherine’s Beach, make St. George’s and the East part of the island a beautiful place of architecuture, history and culture.

The View. See more in the Galley above.
Taacco Bay. See more in the Galley above.
Sending a kiss from Bermuda. See more in the Galley above.



Here all around you can discover many unique natural attractions, including the limestone formations of Tobacco Bay Beach and the Crystal Caves of Bermuda.

This day I choosed to wear: maxi dress H&M, bag Tommy Hilfiger, sandals Etiketa Shop, sunglasses Jimmy Choo








Into the green

Parks and gardes are also a big theme all over Bermuda. In St. George there is a beautiful park as we walked to the beaches, so we stopped for a walk trough the paths and admired the enormous palm trees. Those were the tallest palm trees I have ever seen.


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