Summer talk with Lea Bernetič, the sweet London-slovenian girl

I know Lea for few years now and I can say she is one of the most beautiful creatures I have the pleasure to have in my life.

We took a day off and enjoyed the amazing venue of Klinec family in Plešivo. Took some great pictures with Frachella and Joel Loyo amazing suimsuits and New Cute accessories and had so much fun that I could hardly breathe for all the laughts.

Lea 01 web
Swimmwear FrachellaByGiaKiara
Lea 03 web
Swimsuit Joel Loyo, Earrings New Cute


Lea is really one of a kind. Hope she will inspire you too trough this short talk I had with her during our fun day in Goriška Brda.


When your 1st step into the fashion world happened?

The beauty of aesthetics has always interested me in different ways which have evolve from a very basic notion of local shopping centres at age of 4, combined with shopping sprees to Italy with my mum and grandma, where I secretly admired beautiful models on banners and catalogues, that I have later on took home from every single shop visited and take a great care of them. However, I like to think that my first encounter with fashion industry was initiated by my mum – she is a hairdresser and going to Cosmoprof every year since I was 6 made me like “fashion”.

Lea 04 web
Swimsuit Joel Loyo, Earrings New Cute

Your experience on the slovenian Top Model show was something huge. How did it contribute to you as a woman?

STM has been a rewarding experience. As being isolated form the reality over the period of few months makes you appreciate and be grateful for simple things in life such as being on the phone more than 5 minutes or reading a magazine. Personally speaking it made me realised that all the bliss and glamour we can see on telly are as fake as Kyle Jenner’s lips.

Lea 07 web
Swimsuit Joel Loyo, Earrings New Cute

Lea 08 web

Lea in London?

= <3
Explanation: It is a new chapter in my life that represents a new beginning. What a cliche, ha! Three years ago I decided to do what I want as opposed to what I’m told. Ever since moving to London my life has been truly fulfilling and exciting. Therefore, I treat it as a relationship. We love each-other even though realistically speaking we do have ups and downs.

Lea 02 web
Swimsuit Joel Loyo, Earrings New Cute

What makes you most happy about life in London?

Being able to exceed in things you love to do as well as have a chance to “make it happen.”

What you love most in Slovenia?

My family and friends and food and Slovenia itself – every single part of it.

Lea 06 web
Swimsuit FrachellaByGiaKiara, Rings OPS, New Cute

Style: Swimsuit by FrachellaByGiaKiara and Joel Loyo; Accessories New Cute,

Make Up: Karin Bizjak with SLA Paris Slovenija

Venue: Klinec Plešivo, Goriška Brda, Slovenia

Photos: studiocapsula Photgraphy

Karin Bizjak Vercellotti

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