Blooming Forever

“Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand and
Eternity in an hour.” William Blake

This is the introduction as the new Shiseido Ever Bloom was presented to us by Simona. She came from Italy and preseted to us in the most subtile and raffinate way, the new essence to cherrish this winter.


A woman, beautiful by essence

“We see her when she passes. She’s at ease everywhere. Her elegance permeates all
things. This eminently modern woman chooses a fragrance that is not quite a fragrance;
rather, it is an imprint, a benevolent aura of light and grace, a scent that suggests, in its
own special way, a new femininity: softer, more incarnate, more authentic.”
Since the beginning, this idea has been at the heart of the Shiseido brand, this Japanese
and so oriental idea of perfect Nature. Nature that is respected, nature that is venerated
for its perfection, nature of which we are an integral part.
And there is the generosity, the idea that you can have confidence in you, being a woman, because we all are  filled with an immense potential of beauty that is only waiting to be revealed. Shiseido guides the woman in you on this path and accompanies her.
All these values are wonderfully expressed in the brand signature:

“Because the beauty is already in you”


The essence of the new fragrance

It all starts with the black-and-white photo of a flower, the expression
of timelessness and eternity. The photo of a flower. A simple flower,
the eternal feminine symbol.
A sovereign camellia, seraphic, milky, captured in the instant, in
1940, by the camera of Roso Fukuhara, son of the Shiseido brand
creator and a world-renowned artist.

A flower with dazzling beauty and exquisite delicacy, almost fragile,
one that could be swept away by the slightest April wind.
A flower immobilized for eternity in lissome beauty.
A flower with infinite charisma, the perfect allegory of a woman, able
to captivate in an instant and remain in our memory…forever.
A sensitive woman who says these mysterious words:


shiseido image


Eternity in an instant. Ephemeral, instantaneous, immediate: the sudden blossoming of a
white flower that liberates in a second and for  few minutes only reveals
its captivating spell and the infinite, eternal trail that has the
power to suspend in space forever.


Shiseido has imagined a new floral expression with both this kind of
modesty and the immense power to reveal the beauty of a woman.
This luminous floral musky accord (orange blossom-gardenia) invents
a new, sensual freshness and leaves a precious imprint on the body.
A halo of fragrance, SHISEIDO EVER BLOOM, has an unreal


This is the story of the new flower revealed to us in the latest days of the magical september. I can believe that now you really wanna try her on your skin. I already started this day with her, the new woman in me.


Photos: Shiseido

Video: Barbara Karničar for Cute Life


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