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And its Fashion Week time again also here, in Slovenia.

After all the events taking place around the globe, also slovenian designers are presenting their newest collections for Fall/Winter 2016/17 on the catwalk of Ljubljana Fashion Week.

The 13th of April, was the 1st day of all the fashion events in this week. We began early at 11:00 AM with the presentation of the latest Mass shoes collection for Spring/Summer 2016. Mass is also one of the sponsors on LJFW, so this collection was the perfect opening for this exciting week.

The main fashion show began at 7:30 PM with the presentation of the collections of Nataša Peršuh, Janja Videc, Ana Jelinič, Matic Veler and Krznarstvo Eber. And finally with a special line sponsored by Pentlja Concept Store and created by Fashion Design students, which explored the design possibilities of the white T-shirt as its main theme.

From my point of view, I can expose two of the collections I liked the most, the one of Matic Veler and the Krznarstvo Eber one.


He is one of the young talents discovered last year. He plays with 3D patterns, that he makes himself with laser cutting. This brings to life unique patterns on different materials, in white, black and neutral tones.

Foto: Pia Anžel, Cute Life
Foto: Pia Anžel, Cute Life

This time, I had the pleasure to fall in love with a gold and black combined bomber, which is just FANTASTIC. I adore it so much, but the producer of LJFW told me that she wants it for herself. Melinda, you spoiled girl! I will have to wait till autumn now.

LJFW april2016 Matic Veler, Foto by Jure Makovec


The author about the collection:

 What is important, to me!

The question of what really counts in life takes me to search for detailed symbolic values ​​that I try to pass on my clothes. The collection becomes a whole piece by piece, increasing from complex pieces, to simple wearable pieces, that are easy to wear..


Eber is the name of the exceptional fur world in Slovenia. Amazing models and fabulous colors were the essence of the collection. From the blue, fuchsia, green and orange nuances, to the natural ones with special patterns made of little pieces of different colors, a Patchwork Game.

LJFW april2016 EBER krznarstvo, Foto by Jure Makovec
LJFW april2016 EBER krznarstvo, Foto by Jure Makovec


The main details were big clutches and enormous earmuffs in all colors. I am in love with them. They are so Cute, so me!

LJFW april2016 EBER krznarstvo, Foto by Jure Makovec
LJFW april2016 EBER krznarstvo, Foto by Jure Makovec


The designer about the collection:


Devised and mixed until it forms a perfect combination. Eber Furrier’s Autumn-Winter 2016/17 collection  is based on the concept of patchwork, in order to achieve a unique match. Focusing on the uniqueness of each piece in the collection, we mixed different colors and textures of the same or different types of fur. We combined leather and fur together with knitwear and different types of fur. Daring collection, reflected also in the mixing of colors, which make it customizable to different styles.



And this is how the other designers described the collections themselves.


White Noise

White noise is the sound which is roughly equal to a representation of all the frequencies. It can be understood as listening to all the sounds we’ve ever heard simultaneously All sounds together form a single one, which is pleasant and recognizable.

Urban warriors are the main characters in this year’s collection, representing the widest spectrum of emotions and identities that form a recognizable whole by mixing the sounds and images of the conscious and subconscious, logic and intuition, dream and reality. Just like the modern individual, the collection accumulates a set of emotions and situations derived from the past and present of modern everyday life.

Nataša Peršuh, Foto: Pia Anžel, Cute Life
Nataša Peršuh, Foto: Pia Anžel, Cute Life



Inanna tells the story of sisterhood, female energy, the body as the temple of the soul, respect of the nature and the embodiment of it, self love, lunar cycles, modern goddesses / priestess worshiping sexuality, authenticity and female wisdom.

LJFW april2016, Janja Videc, Foto by Jure Makovec
LJFW april2016, Janja Videc, Foto by Jure Makovec

The collection is inspired by the myth of the Sumerian goddess Inanna and her journey to the underworld, where she meets the seven gates and before each leaves behind a part of her clothes and at the end she is confronted by her dark sister, with her darker side. This symbolic journey in her own “underground”, the death and rebirth together as awareness, leads her to fully accept everything and the commit to continuous growth and spiritual development. Consequently, it marks the birth of new ways of working and living with your body, with nature and with each other.



798 Hz

The story of the collection is about a girl who dreams of a mystical experience of timelessness . Resistance of today’s world, that we would like to tame and have under control, like the net . Freedom !

LJFW april2016, Ana Jelinič, Foto by Jure Makovec
LJFW april2016, Ana Jelinič, Foto by Jure Makovec



And in the end there was a special catwalk of the finalists of the contest “Design a white shirt”.

We all know what is a classic white shirt. For many people it may be too conventional, boring or even synonymous of formality. How would it look like if it was designed by you?

Would it be for men, women or unisex? Long or short, more mundane or avant-garde, with or without a collar?

Fashion Week Ljubljana, prvi dan; Ljubljana, Slovenija 13.04.2016 Foto: Jure Makovec
Fashion Week Ljubljana, prvi dan; Ljubljana, Slovenija
Foto: Jure Makovec


The aim of the competition “Design a white shirt”, under the sponsorship of Pentlja Concept Store, was to explore this diversity of options. The only requirement was that the product is made only from white cotton. Among the 21 incoming shirts, selected as a winner was Polona Roblek.

LJFW april2016, Oblikuj belo srajco, Foto by Jure Makovec
LJFW april2016, Oblikuj belo srajco, Foto by Jure Makovec


See more pictures in our Gallery above and enjoy the slovenian fashion!


Foto: CUTE LIFE (Barbara Karničar, Pia Anžel), LJFW ( Jure Makovec)


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