What can traveling teach you about life?

One of the biggest joys of life for me is traveling. To live is to travel. Long time ago one lady said to me. ” Well, well you are one of a kind. Even when you are still, you still manage to travel.”


Maybe that is because I have a slightly different point of view about what stillness is. I find stillness in motion. In motion is where I can reach at least some level of peace. If I eliminate motion out of equation, what I get is crazy mind that stops me before I take that first step into adventure.

That’s why I do not rely on my mind so much anymore. I rather follow the energy of it. If it’s light to me than I go after it, even when it seems totally un logical. And in travel as in life sometimes the best thing to do is jump. Jump and receive all the gifts that await you.

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I am currently on a bus traveling to Chiang Mai on the north of Thailand. I’ve been on the road for 3 weeks. Today I am entering the last week of this month long journey.

It’s been wild, relaxing, thrilling, thriving … and much more.


Why I love traveling? You push yourself ouT of the comfort zone. You are willing to try new things.

You know when you come to an authentic tribe living in the jungle and they serve you rat for dinner and you say. Well ok. I guess I can try that since I am in Thailand.

You learn to ask.

You communicate with total strangers and they show you their world, which is beyond amazing.

You get to feel stupid when you really don’t get what the other one is saying and you laugh your ass out about it.

You learn about culture.

You see that we are not that different. We desire same things.

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Everywhere around Thailand you hear and see signs. Same, same but different.

You get new awareness about the power of a simple smile, kind word and touch.

I tell you, hug a day can safe the human race!

You learn that every individual is one of a kind and you get to honor that.

You get out of judgment. Of yourself and of others. You know, same same but different. 😉

You get exposed to sights that explode your mind.

You create space.

You get to be surprised.

You get to throw your limitations out of the back window.

You show up. For you. At least when you have to negotiate the price with tuk-tuk driver! 🙂aleksandra_nkumah_travel (5)

You become more aware of your body. And you start feeling this enormous gratitude for it.

For your eyes, your legs, your tummy, your heart. Well for every single inch and part of it. I love you body! You rock my world!

You get to see that you can never truly be lonely, because you learn to have your own back.

You get to be vulnerable. You get to really listen. You get to really sense. You get to walk away. You get to CHOOSE! Everything.

You get to be grateful. For life and for being.

You get to see that life is about receiving.

You get to practice allowance.

You get to be YOU.

And how does it get any better than that?

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What do you love about traveling? I Will be pleased to read your comments that you can leave below 🙂


Foto: Aleksandra Nkumah

Aleksandra Nkumah

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