We loved our vacation in magical London

Last month I traveled to London. This was my first time there and I had high expectations of the city since everyone around me loved it. First impression of the city was really good, I was amazed of how clean it was.

People are so calm and friendly. The buildings have interesting architecture and is really magical. Everything reminded me of Harry Potter movies.

Of course the first thing every tourist do is to go see the main attractions and that’s what I did. I was most impressed with the Tower Bridge, it’s huge and it’s so magical. It was totally different of what I expected.

Here are some spots I recommend for you to visit:

1. Tower Bridge


If you like Starbucks there is one (amongst many) right near the bridge, so you can enjoy your Burnt Caramel Mocha with a beautiful view of the bridge.

2. Big Ben


Of course you have to go visit Ben when visiting London. It looks much much prettier in real life then on the photos.

3. London Eye


You must see it in daylight and at night. The prettiest view is from Golden Jubilee Bridge.

4. Trafalgar Square


Beautiful view from Trafalgar Square over the busy streets of London. Don’t forget to visit the National Gallery. Watch how the sun goes down over the Big Ben in the distance.

5. Carnaby street


When visiting London you have to do a little bit of shopping. Besides the main Oxford street there is also other shopping destination and one of them is Carnaby street.

6. Piccadilly Circus


Must see at night when it shines in all it’s glory. Busy place with many street performers surrounded with beautiful architecture.

7. Walk from Tower Bridge to London Eye


Long walk along the river Thames. You will find many hidden gems. Especially pretty at sunset.

8. Greenwich


Visit the place where they filmed the movie Thor. Beautiful painted hall and the view from Greenwich observatory.

9. Hyde park


Just a walk through the park to relax, pet the squirrels (but be careful because they can bite).

10. Nothing Hill


Walk around and admire the beautiful buildings and visit the Portobello road market. Don’t forget to stop at the Hummingbird bakery for a delicious brownie.

11. Abbey Road


For every fan of The Beatles. Take a photo while walking across the famous street.

12. Natural History Museum


Even if you don’t want to go inside, the building itself is amazing on the outside. But I really recommend visiting at least the main hall which is really like something from the Harry Potter movies.


Magical city filled me with lots of new beautiful memories. I hope I will visit you again soon London!


Foto: Barbara Karničar

Barbara Karničar

The Photo Queen (Photo Editor)

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