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I knew Ines since we attended Fashion Week in Ljubljana two years ago and since then we manage to keep in contact and share each other’s news. And she fascinates me all the time with her amazing work and design.


Ines Jnković


As having an accessories based web shop, I always look up to every new trendsetter in the area and Ines sure is becoming one. Ahead of us there is a new collection of the new Bride era, the Ines one. I can´t wait to see all of it at her presentation to the public. Inbetween I´m sharing with you her concept and vision of the CALLA collection.


CALLA - Visual


“White dress as a symbol of a new beginning, freshness, purity, which are hidden our deepest emotions and hopes. Calla 2015/16 is the newest collection of wedding dresses for the next season, from the line Modern Bride by INES atelier, founded by Ines Jankovic. The design is based on the classic, timeless elegance, in the spirit of modern and geometric shapes. Calla flower inspired the silhouettes of the creations, but as a symbol too, having in mind that calla is the epitome of magnificence and beauty. That is where the idea to present white dress in a such grandiose way, comes from, just the way it deserves it. Calla Collection contains 18 models, interconnected by forms and sophisticated materials. In the process of making different kinds of silk, the finest tulle, french lace and handmade applications with Swarovski crystals were used. These decorative elements follow the story of Ines Atelier jewelry. In ancient times Calla was a flower dedicated to Hera, wife of Zeus. By donating this flower, you were actually showing how some person is unique, elegant and special, which is exactly the message of Calla collection to the modern bride.”


And for the conclusion of this magical description Ines shares with us her vision of what a Cute Life is:

“Cute life – everyday designing your own world – childish, crazy and serious

in the same time.”


Photos: Ines Atelier

Karin Bizjak Vercellotti

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