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Micah Gianneli is an instagram fashion icon.


Micah is a fashion blogger, stylist, model, creative director, photographer, designer and sooo much more. She’s even looking forward to creating her own clothing line!

Micah Gianneli
Amazing portrait with a glamorous make up.


We’ve been following her instagram for a long time and we are simply in love with her feed!


We love her energy and the evolving passion for fashion.


She’s mostly into all black or white outfits and monochrome jewellery, but she sometimes goes wearing and rocking colors too!


Micah Gianneli in pastels with butterflies by Sophia Webster
Maybe I will fly today!

But she’s not just beautiful and with a sense of style – she is also a strong and incredibly confident woman.

From a short-haired girl…


Micah Gianneli all in white
A totally white outfit with short dark hair and red lips. Just perfect!

.. To a wig-wearer.

Micah Gianneli black sportive
Micah Gianneli all in black, but in a casual sexy way. The combination of the sporty sweater and amazing high heels sandals is amazing.


Really. She’s rocking any style and any color you could imagine!


Micah Gianneli beige casual style
Micah Gianneli with amazing tourquise hair and beige outfit.


See more of her style in our Gallery above.

Foto: Instagram Micah Gianneli
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