Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will visit Ljubljana in May again

We were pleased to hear that the world famous Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week remains in Ljubljana. Between 22 and 24 of May, all fashion enthusiasts will have the opportunity to see the upcoming trends from well known designers from Slovenia and abroad.

In addition to fashion shows there will also be lectures from this prestigious German car brand.

Introductory part will be all about the special guest, Slovenian fashion icon Marjeta Grošelj and her 50th anniversary of creative achievements.

Marjeta Grošelj na MBFWLJ #01_1

For her work she received several international awards and in 2003 the Mercedes-Benz award for designer of the year. She already made a large number of bags which exact numbers are not known.

She says that when she sees her old bags they bring her joy and give her inspiration for newer models.

Marjeta Grošelj na MBFWLJ #02

Her handbags are popular both at home and abroad. The bags have also been used as protocol gifts of the Republic of Slovenia. We look forward to the upcoming event so see you soon MBFWLJ.

Marjeta Grošelj na MBFWLJ #03_2


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