Maldives are the perfect getaway

As I am always in a rush and rarely take time for myself, now that I really need a vacation, I am presenting to you my last trip to the amazing place our Earth is offering to us – Maldives.

maldives house

In autumn I traveled to the Maldives for a short but sweet break and it was really like heaven. I had my own travel with myself and to myself. It was all about the deep connection with the ocean.

The water cleans and washes away all the stress and worries.

Mojca Sapla beach

maldives flower

maldives sea

I took time just for myself and read lots of books, enjoyed massages, joga, walks on the beach and the simplicity of life itself.

Simply and clean, the soul connection with nature and its source is just like this.


Foto & video: Mojca Šapla

Mojca Šapla

International Fashion Expert, Dubai

Life is such a trip, you just gotta laugh along whit it and enjoy yourself… life not everything is smooth but you just got to deal with it. Living life to the very moment and doing everything that I ever dreamed of as a child, also trying things I haven’t thought of before. Being inspired, and having a passion and thrill for life.

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