Love is the answer

Yes it is, love to yourself first.

We go trough life believing in this perfect feeling between two that love should be, but too often we forget about the love for us, for our being, our body and the world we are creating around us.

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I started, not so far ago, like two years from now, to create my real world and my real me. Why? Because I was so involved in this “wannabe performance” that I live and work with for so many years. But there is always a line and we draw it for ouselves, the line between the work we love and ourselves. So I began to took and do only the things that I like, love and respect and that the same priorities are on the other side of the table and there are few, believe me.

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As for work this also fits in for my friends and potential partners. And I am still single 😉 You know as they say “Better alone than in bad company”, but with this I am not talking of bad as a bad guy or not good enough for me. If there is no vibe that lasts, it all gets boring and I just know after three times I see someone that this is not it. Usually I try to correct things, but this “love affairs” don’t work like this so I finish all very quickly. I promised myself that I will not settle for less that I deserve and I am loayal to this.

If I am not feeling like the Queen of the moment anymore, I let everything go, always. I trust my 6th sense, it is always right in work and in my private life.

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I am stubborn, yes, but I only have one life in this body, right now. So I will give as much love as I can to myself and to the world that walks with me.

To all of you I wish a Valentine Day everyday of the year and to love yourself  unconditionally.

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Be Cute


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Styled with: Purse NEW CUTE, Shirt Intimissimi, Trousers H&M, Coat New Yorker, Sunglasses Jimmy Choo from my wardrobe

Hair done by Polona Pavzin, NEW U Beauty and SPA, Šempeter pri Gorici (Slovenia), Call for an appointement: 00386 31 40 44 48

Photos by studiocapsula Photography

Karin Bizjak Vercellotti

The Cute Queen (Editor in Chief)

Little Cutie full of energy and good will. New challenges, new knowledge, inspirations, creations, fell of beauty and greatness, is what guides me in life. I love to be with people that inspire me and flow with my energy. With them I am building my dreamlife, my Cute Life. Be Cute

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