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#LJFWplac is a pop-up showroom in the old centre of Ljubljana.

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This season’s fashion week in Ljubljana is a bit different – there will
be no runway shows, only video projections, that can also be seen from
the Makalonca bar in Ljubljana.

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The designers representing their work are Almirasadar, Draž, Matic
Veler, Natasa Hrupic, Nelizabeta, Sanija Reja Aske, SENS, Sofia Nogard,
Tanja Zorn and Young@Squat.

The showroom is taking place until 23rd November 2016, every day between
10am and 9pm.


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Nataša Mernik & Barbara Karničar, Cute Life

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Photo: Klemen Razinger & Mimi Antolovič

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