If you miss a train, there is always a new one coming by

Yes, this is a sentence about life that is true for a lot of things in life.

If you miss one train, there is always another one after it.

This applies to relationships, work offers, career opportunities, friendships, important events in life and other opportunities or happenings. If you think about this, do you agree?

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I will keep it short this time, just with this important mindset that always helps seeing all the options we have and that if sometimes we want something so bad and we are not getting it, is just a stroke of fortune for us, even if we don’t see this at the moment.

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Keep the smile and look at the bright side, because there is always one.

Wish you all a beautiful sunny afternoon!

Be Cute



P.S.: Let me know in the comments below, what was your best lost train ever 😉

Photo by studiocapsula Photography

Styled with: Skirt, lace necklace and sneakers by Terminal 3, DIAMANT, Letališka 3, Ljubljana; Hat New Cute, scarf Yohji Yamamoto and pantyhoses by Wolford from my wardrobe

Hair done by NEW UCesta Goriške fronte 46, Šempeter Pri Gorici, new-u.si

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Karin Bizjak Vercellotti

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Little Cutie full of energy and good will. New challenges, new knowledge, inspirations, creations, fell of beauty and greatness, is what guides me in life. I love to be with people that inspire me and flow with my energy. With them I am building my dreamlife, my Cute Life. Be Cute

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