Ideas for a Room Decor

Colder months are coming and the weather is not so pleasant any more.

Because we stay at home more and more time, it is really important to have a cozy and cute environment that will make those cold days as nice as the summer ones.

Here are some ideas for decoration.

We all love rose gold as it is really easy to combine and it has this soft girly look that makes you feel cute. Essentials, such as a mascara, a watch or a perfume are a must in a girls room 🙂


Some old pictures of your family and happy lights from Smile Concept Store are always a good idea!


A table light with concrete grey pots and a little bit of wood seems a really nice combination.


We all know that a girl can’t have too much clothes. On the other hand it is necessary that we keep things in order in the closet or in some additional boxes.


Felt is our almost favourite material so here is an idea how to keep smaller things safe:)


An urge to decorate the Christmas tree can be satisfied with this cute wooden tree and some delicious sweets.


Cute pillow from Vonj Narave, grey wall, picture and love sign, just a simple and great combination!


The room you are decorating has to make YOU feel good and cozy, so you can add some lights or blankets that will warm your heart.


Photos: Petra Hertl

Petra Hertl

The Design Queen

Student of architecture who is in love with fashion, graphic and interior design. A girl who loves to be around the people, smiles all the time, looks and believes in stars. Black and grey colors lover who recognises small things in her every day life because god is in details.

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