I discovered the beauty and pure essence of Africa

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I always choose with attention all the new places that I want to see, especially when I go away for relax my mind and body.

Africa was such a discovery for me. I choosed the perfect moment and the perfect place. This trip was really close to the one I took to the Maldives, but inspired me in a totally different way. It opened my inner woman power and truly connected me with the people and earth.


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The Masai tribe living in the Masai Mara village on the border between Kenya and Tanzania were so warm hearted and their energy was astonishing.

I danced with them and was so emotionally overwhelmed by the dance and all the connection, also because the rain begun to fall down the moment we all danced together. It was like a dream coming true for me, a sign that I am on the perferct place in the perfect time for me.



Besides all of this, the nature is so beautiful, with all the glamorous animals that you can see around you, from elephants, to tigers and I am more than blessed and grateful to have this experience in my heart.


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Now I am looking forward for new adventures to share with you. In the mean time you can see all of my daily amazing experiences on our Instagram @newcutelife.

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Foto & video: Mojca Šapla

Mojca Šapla

International Fashion Expert, Dubai

Life is such a trip, you just gotta laugh along whit it and enjoy yourself…..in life not everything is smooth but you just got to deal with it. Living life to the very moment and doing everything that I ever dreamed of as a child, also trying things I haven’t thought of before. Being inspired, and having a passion and thrill for life.

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