Dear Tuscany!

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It’s been one week since I’m back home. Still I can feel the impression of fullness that you made on me. The very rare sensation, which I was not expecting to find.

 naslovna toskana

There were moments when I felt myself be in one other time. Especially in Florence, where the streets, buildings and museums with invaluable arts are emanating such a historic atmosphere. Walking the Uffizi Gallery was an unforgettable experience. All those paintings, sculptures and murals preserved during the ever-changing times. It was a time travel into the past. Besides all, it offered to my body the best vegetarian restaurants and shops, where the eyes had its part. Having the opportunity to share the joyful moments with a dear person of mine, with the laugh in our hearts longing for the life, it could be.

 druga toskana

During the way, something unexpected happened. The discovery of the hidden pearl along the coast, the white beaches, which gave to me the sensation of living in a dream. Swimming in the celestial blue sea made my journey the most luxurious one, only the luckiest one can live. So close to me and so unknown till this moment.

 tretja toskana

Just coming to the core, to the province of Siena, I acknowledged where the heart of Italy is. Siena and small towns nearby brought me to one other level. Made me feel at home. The surrounding hills, varying from part to part have never annoyed me, giving surprises from town to town. San Galgano, Pienza and Chiusdino are places that cannot be easy forgotten. The astonishing panoramic views, historical small and lovely streets, churches and towers, people you meet, enriched me easily.


Living in the typical cascina country cottage furnished with antiques, eating daily fresh food and getting all I need from the friendly local people made my travel one of a kind.


Now I can remember the past days tasting sweet dried tomatoes, smelling the fragrance of the magnolia essence and occasionally wearing handmade alabaster earrings. Being completely immersed in the objects of senses I can still feel the peaceful state of mind that you, Tuscany, made me experience.


My visit was too short but long enough to get you into my heart. See you soon!


Foto: Ana Drašček, Urška Bolčina


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