Dancing in the rain with style

Me and her for a perfect rainy happy day. Ara.





I love to walk around the city in the evening to clear my head. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or is it raining. I choose these ankle boots because they go with any style, they are padded on the inside so they keep me warm in colder days and almost water proof if I decide to jump in puddles.


Ples v dežju s stilom





Najraje se sprehajam po Ljubljani, ko sonce zahaja, da si zbistrim misli po
napornem dnevu. Tudi dež me ne ustavi. Za sprehod po mestu sem izbrala nizke
črne gležnjarje, saj njihov klasičen videz pristaja k vsakemu stilu. Ker so
znotraj podložene, me grejejo v hladnih dneh.




Foto: Pia Anžel

Barbara Karničar

The Photo Queen (Photo Editor)

A woman with many thoughts trying to capture beautiful moments of my everyday life on a camera. Sometimes I call myself a blogger trying to write my thoughts, love for food, travel and passion for photography on my blog. I never start my day without breakfast and a big cup of green tea. Always looking on the bright side and thinking positive. In expectation for winter.

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