Old Christmas music, red balloons and white lights. The smell of sweet food in the air, people running around full of gifts like there is no tomorrow. All this is happening on the busy streets of London.


You can feel it, Christmas is here. The city that never sleeps, full of party’s, shopping all day long, with people in rush to buy gifts for the love ones.
I am wondering: is all this necessary or are we just a part of this manipulated society? Do we really need to spend so much money? Did people really become so small-minded and materialistic? I decided to do more charity this Christmas for kids and people who don’t have a lot. The most important for me is when I see people happy I am happy myself. London is definitely worth seeing during this holidays. The people mood changes a lot, people are nicer, emotional and give a lot of promises. We all make plans for the next year to be better and better but are we really going to? How about you, did you make your own list of plans for the next year yet? Merry Christmas and happy new year. I wish you inner peace and a lot of good food.


Love Mojca xxx


Mojca Šapla

International Fashion Expert, Dubai

Life is such a trip, you just gotta laugh along whit it and enjoy yourself… life not everything is smooth but you just got to deal with it. Living life to the very moment and doing everything that I ever dreamed of as a child, also trying things I haven’t thought of before. Being inspired, and having a passion and thrill for life.

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