Caitlyn Jenner is the new face of MAC Cosmetics

Caitlyn Jenner has shared her transition with the world and now claims, that she can finally be herself, the person she has always aimed to be.

She has helped a lot to the transgender community and has now partnered with MAC cosmetics to raise money for AIDS fund transgender initiative. 100 per cent of the sales go the the fund. Yay MAC!

Caitlyn for MAC (2)

Her new MAC lipstick, named Finally free, is made for all sexes, all ages and all races.

Caitlyn said, that she wanted a color that would be universal, suitable for everyday, so people would use it and buy more to help the foundation.

Caitlyn for MAC (1)

The lipstick will be ‘finally free’ in the stores this April! We cannot wait until it hits the stores!


Photo: instagram @caitlyn jenner

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