Backpack mania

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Backpacks took over Slovenia!



Many young people established their own brands and are designing their own backpacks and bags.

We found 4 interesting brands that are currently on the rise and we totally love them!



There are two sisters, Dominika and Katarina behind the Boopack story. Bakcpacks are made with leather-like material and their drawstrings can be replaced with different colors. They also design bags and have just launched a special line of backpacks for men!

Boopack logo


The face behind the minimalistic and fringy backpacks is Mateja, a model and a fashion lover, that named her brand after her childhood clothing piece named Frachella.

The backpacks are a mix of elegance, freedom and edginess – whatever you want yours to be!

Frachella backpacks

AZ by Anja Zupančič

The label is designed by Anja Zupančič and the backpacks are made out of various materials combined with artificial leather details that make her designs unique and well recognizable. The backpacks are sold in IKA, Gud shop and BOF.


AZ beige_bike



A fashion design student Teja Jeglič makes her backpacks from leatherette, silk, cotton and plastic, a lot of snake skin-like print, fringes and chain drawstrings.

Teja Jeglic


Foto: Promo material by designers

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