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Recently we went skiing in Wagrain in Austria.

Wagrain is such a beautiful city with lights and small shops everywhere. A lot of people come here for holidays to relax, skii and have a great time.

Ski slopes are long and if there is at last a little bit of sun it becomes winter fairy tale.


There are a lot of nice restaurants which you have to try if visiting Wagrain.  One of the best i have ever been its called Almmonte restaurant and it is near the Flying Mozart ski lift.


A Nice, cozy atmosphere and a great interior design are what you are going to experience there.




Besides all, their food is so delicious and tasteful prepared.

You will not regret visiting Wagrain at all.


See all the pictures in the Gallery above and if you wanna share with us your lates beloved ski place, feel free to writa all in the comments below.


Photos: Petra Hertl

Petra Hertl

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