Are you refusing change?

My Thai adventure has come to an end. With impressions as fresh as they can be I decided to write a few things about change.

Why? As I perceive it, change is something very unnatural to us. Its somethings we refuse whole heartedly.

We seem to forget that now is the time we are truly living.

We are not living in the past and we are not living in the future, 5 years ago and 10 years ahead you are still going to be there and its going to be now. Just a moment, fleeting, just a moment passing, just you, the being, the human, existing or living in the course of life.

I, myself have been ashamed of my ability to change. I refused to change my mind because I knew that a whole lot of judgments will be fired upon me. And I kept choosing to hide, to play small, to bend, to kneel, to be less than.

People use megatons of energy supplies to keep things as they are. We are trained to create goals, to follow them, to achieve and make them last. We create this illusion of a peak in life and when we think we got it, thats done deal. Question that ponders on us is, how can I just keep it like this? It looks good, I worked my ass to achieve this, now I just want it to last forever. Its like a line goes in and out of our mind. »Stay, do not change, I put my life effort in you, now just stay like this. I am done.«

Riza Hr

Its called a projection and entrapment in illusion. There is no there, there. Wherever you go, there you are. When you are traveling, you are on the road, you are not at the so called finish.

Beauty of a journey is in journey itself. Journey is the real gift, not the destination.

Does it feel light to you? Journey is the real gift? When you are on the journey and you allow yourself to travel freely, there is no fixed destination. You get to change your destination based on the desire that rises on the path that your walking and how does it get any better than this?

Life is full of surprises. When you are fixated on goals, when you lock yourself in the expectations, you get to be dissapointed, a lot, because Life is a clever play, it has countless surprises in store for you and it keeps on telling you, with signs, signals and everything else it can show you and you are willing to see that you need to trust it, just a little bit. You need to let go of control. So Life can shower you with abundance.

Madisyn Reppuci

Change never shows up the way you predict it should. Change is painful if you refuse it. And it can be the greatest gift when you choose it.

Change is nature, and nature is you.

Whatever you fight agains, fights against you. There is no outside that you think exists, but there is you looking at the reflection that you be.

What do you want to see in life? What do you want to see as your life?

Cherokee Billie


Foto: Pinterest Cherokee Billie, Madisyn Reppuci, Riza Hr & Silvia R

Aleksandra Nkumah

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Reality shaker, consciousness warrior, body whisperer, beauty lover. More a being than a human. Living in the question of how does it get even better than that and what else is possible for us on this beautiful planet of ours? Life is a creation of your Being. Beauty and power of it is in acknowledgement of strength and potency that you truly be. What would it take for all of us to Ease Into Being us? To receive this gift of Life with Ease, Joy and Glory? What if life can be magic? I am here with you to facilitate the journey into You. The journey into infinite field of possibilities. There will be no right or wrong answers, there will be just simple questions. Questions that will open us up to new roads in life. I wonder what magic can we create together? ❤️

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