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Masha Bacer is a young rising Slovenian model. She has been working in all big fashion capitals and she is willing to explore even more.

She is a simple, modest girl, a chocolate lover, an aesthetic freak and a sports fanatic.


  1. How did you start working as a model?

Till the age of 15 I have never thought about working in fashion industry. A Slovenian photographer had scouted me and showed me the beauty of the job called modelling.


  1. What did it motivate you to come so far?

It’s always hard at the beginning. You have to be very disciplined and since I’m a workaholic and perfectionist I take all the opportunities, which makes me grow as a model.


  1. It is not always easy in this competitive industry, isn’t it?

No, it is not. You need to take time for yourself, stay positive and never loose that faith you have. There are always going to be people who would not want you to succeed. Since we are creating something that is illusion, many people get lost in this business and create a superficial look.


  1. What keeps you down to earth?

I couldn’t wish for a better family and friends who keep me grounded and show me support every time I need it.

I have my dreams and my believes and I am going to stick with that 😊.

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You can follow Masha on Instagram @mashabacer and on her site

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Photos: Masha Bacer arhive – Kamil Strudziński, Stealer magazine by Papo Waisman, DSQUARED2, Javier Blanco

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