Where to have a quick delicious snack on South beach Miami

Last year I finally managed to fulfill my dream of visiting USA. I am still dreaming and hoping one day I will go back and enjoy the beautiful beaches in hot Miami.


Although summer is not my favourite season but when you are in Miami everything is good.

Well I like to eat and who doesn’t?! The memories I look back to are always something about food and the place I ate. So let me tell you about some of my favourite spots I managed to find while I was in South beach Miami.


Well you can find this franchise throuought USA and I first found it on South beach and since I first saw it on the series The Hills where Lo and LC got their fro-yo I wanted to try it out. You couldn’t get fro-yo in Slovenia so that was a treat for me 🙂

Pinkberry Miami

For a reasonable price if I compare it now with options in Slovenia you can get a nice portion with so many toppings you can’t fit them all in your cup! Really recommend! It is delicious and a nice refreshment in that heat.

Insomnia Cookies

This is one thing I found on yelp! (app I recommend for finding good places to eat/drink) I was quickly drawn to it since they offer different kind of cookies and also with ice cream. Even if you are craving a big chocolate chip cookie at 3AM they can deliver it to you.

Hello can we have this in Slovenia as well!?

Insomnia Cookies
Insomnia Cookies

Market on Lincoln road

On the weekends visit local markets where you can find fresh fruits and vegetables among other home made local food. I really recommend it since you can eat really good local food for a good price. We also tried fresh juice from a fruit called guanabana and strawberry mix. So good!


Shake Shack

Another franchise we heard has the best fries with cheese so we had to try it out. We were shopping on Lincoln road the sun was shining when it suddenly started to rain so we ran to hide from the rain and ran into Shake Shack. Perfect! We ate delicious burgers, cheese fries and watched people running from the rain. 20 minutes later the sun and heat was back. Like nothing happened (cuz’ that’s the weather like in Miami).

The rumours about the fries were true, really good!


La Sandwicherie

OMG this place have the best sandwiches. This place was on our street and we passed it everyday. They keep showering you with cold water while you wait for your sandwich. It’s a small but packed place. There are many options to choose. Our favourite was with avocado of course. The price is a little bit higher as I am used to but the portion is big! My favourite place there definitely.

La Sandwicherie
La Sandwicherie


Again another well known franchise but hey you have to try famous burgers when in USA. Calories don’t count on vacation 😉 The burger was very very good. I like it when they put a lot of fresh veggies inside. Yum!


South beach is really not that big so you can walk around and you will find a lot of good places to eat.


Photos: Barbara Karničar

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