Going throughout this journey called life there seem to be obstacles with every step we take. Majority wake up into every single day with this aching sensation that there is something wrong with us, because we are not so and so, because we have some area of our life that is and goes beyond the norm. Beyond normal.

But then the question pops up? What is normal? Who builds that point of view that comes out as normal state of something?

Normal is something that is and happens normaly. But what makes life worth living? Are you seeking normal or do you desire to live and be extraordinary? Do you have that knowing that you are not same as everyone and then again you use fear and doubt to supress that extraordinarity of you. If you would listen to yourself ? What do you truly desire? And what if that which you know and assume that is extraordinary   or even weird and so beyond every norm, what if this is the same exact thing that can change the whole reality? The whole appearce of the world as it is? More than I question everything more I perceive and see that world that we call reality is just a perception of an infinite awareness that you are.


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Who are you if there are no labels? Who are you without your name, your job, without everything that you make significant? When you ask someone hey who are you? We tend to answer with  a whole list of labels, but have you heard somebody answer on that question with,  I am infinite awareness experiencing life thorough this amazing vehicle called body. So if you ask yourself as an infinite awareness that you are what is it that you desire to experience as life?


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As you ask this question you can perceive  the space of you that expands far beyond confines of your body. You are not your body. Your body is in you and it desires to contribute to you. If only you would allow it. As you so desperately try to function as mind-body you tend to shrink something infinite into something very, very small which can be intense on your body. Intensity that you experience as pain, which can only be  an awareness of something that is and you are unwilling to receive.  How much intensity are you experiencing throught your body, call it pain and try to shake it off with a pill or two? Is now the time to choose something different and create more ease for and with your body?

It’s just a choice, your choice. Which can and will create something different. You cannot have change if you keep on choosing same things again and again.

So for everything that you experience and you do not like ask what is right about this that I am not getting?  Try the opposite of normal, create some space and ease with being you. Being you is the easiest you can be, its only natural you are.

Go beyond the judgments that you made real for you. Judgments and decisions are not truly real. It’s not the truth of you. It’s just a point of view or a whole bunch of them that keep on lingering heavy on your heart. What if there is something else possible? What if you can have ease, joy and glory with being you?

Are you willing to give up the projections, judgments and decisions about you, life, reality and living?

In now the time to write the book of life that you truly know is possible?


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*If you desire to know more about Access Consciousness and Access the Bars process follow us on Vital Batagelj Facebook page. You can find information about upcoming classes that will help you with facilitating ease with being you. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on aleksandra.nkumah@gmail.com


Wishing you glorious week filled with ease and joy.


Foto: Ayla Osis, Klara Rose, Access Consciousness, Heather Below

Aleksandra Nkumah

Queen of Cute spiritual Entity (Access Bars facilitator)

Reality shaker, consciousness warrior, body whisperer, beauty lover. More a being than a human. Living in the question of how does it get even better than that and what else is possible for us on this beautiful planet of ours? Life is a creation of your Being. Beauty and power of it is in acknowledgement of strength and potency that you truly be. What would it take for all of us to Ease Into Being us? To receive this gift of Life with Ease, Joy and Glory? What if life can be magic? I am here with you to facilitate the journey into You. The journey into infinite field of possibilities. There will be no right or wrong answers, there will be just simple questions. Questions that will open us up to new roads in life. I wonder what magic can we create together? ❤️

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