Amazing trip to the Maldives

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Two months ago we traveled to the MALDIVES. Pure heaven on earth. Literally.


The republic of Maldives is an islandcountry in the Indian Ocean. It lies southwest of India and Sri Lanka. The capital andlargest city is Malé. One thousand, one hundred and ninety green, blue and white, amoeba-shaped islands floating in a crystal-clear sea are impeccable experience worth every eruo.


We visited Holiday Island nestled on the tip of South Ari Atoll, a mere 700 metres long and 140 metres wide. Light blue sea, 35 degrees,light wind, palms;  just north of the equator, the Maldives are like nowhere else on the planet.

Maldives Coctail
Maldives Coctail

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Photos: Petra Hertl

Petra Hertl

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