The new Barbie collection – Spring 2016

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YOU can be ANYTHING. From Mermaid to Movie Star, Princess to President. With Barbie #YouCanBeAnything.

Barbies became a hit in 1959 and are one of the most sold toys in the world. But only now, in year 2016, they made THE biggest and probably the most important change EVER. Barbies will now be sold in three new body types, 7 new skin tones and 24 different hairstyles.

Barbie (1)

Girls will now be able to play with Barbies looking a lot like them, which are designed to promote healthy and realistic body image.

Barbie (1)

We love the new and CUTE Barbies and we can’t wait for them to arrive at our stores!

We also couldn’t go by without sharing this Buzzfeed’s video HERE, of men playing with Barbies! CUTE!

You can also see more pictures in the GALLERY above.


Photos: Mattel, Glamour, Pinterest, Instagram

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