Street wear from the 3rd and closure day of Fashion Forward Dubai

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The inspiring three days of Fashion Forward Dubai are over and we are so thrilled about all the new collections that we soon will present.

In the main time here is the street fashion of day three and the inspiring, beautiful vibe that all the fashion lovers, experts and organisators of this event are spreading day by day.

Esther Quek, we so adore her style



Love for fashion is in the air and this is all that Dubai Fashion Forward is about.

See also our styles from the last evening and all the pictures in the Gallery above.

My style: MAJA FERME dress; Etiket Shop sandals, Purse Max & Co.; Make Up with ORIFLAME cosmetics Giordani foundation and eyeliner


Petras style: Necklace NEW CUTE, ; Jackett Zara; Brecelet Jimmy Choo for H&M, dress from her closet



Photos: Cute Life

Karin Bizjak Vercellotti

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Little Cutie full of energy and good will. New challenges, new knowledge, inspirations, creations, fell of beauty and greatness, is what guides me in life. I love to be with people that inspire me and flow with my energy. With them I am building my dreamlife, my Cute Life. Be Cute

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