Step into the World of Access With Aleksandra

I’ve started 30 day video challenge in my group Access With Aleksandra, which by all means you are all welcome to join.

I will post them here also. So everyday there will be a topic that comes up randomly. I will explore areas of my life and share stories and awareness that came up during that.

See the first video below and for more subscribe to out You Tube HERE.

With Ease, A


Photo: Damjan Dimic

Aleksandra Nkumah

Queen of Cute spiritual Entity (Access Bars facilitator)

Reality shaker, consciousness warrior, body whisperer, beauty lover. More a being than a human. Living in the question of how does it get even better than that and what else is possible for us on this beautiful planet of ours? Life is a creation of your Being. Beauty and power of it is in acknowledgement of strength and potency that you truly be. What would it take for all of us to Ease Into Being us? To receive this gift of Life with Ease, Joy and Glory? What if life can be magic? I am here with you to facilitate the journey into You. The journey into infinite field of possibilities. There will be no right or wrong answers, there will be just simple questions. Questions that will open us up to new roads in life. I wonder what magic can we create together? ❤️

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