I love the excitement of picking and trying out new cosmetic products. Stepping into a store, walking by filled shelves, smelling all of the beautiful scents, looking at beautiful colors and testing new cosmetics at home.


Not long ago, some beautiful scents lured me into one of Lush’s store. I ran out of shower gel, so I decided to try out Lush shower creams. My skin is very sensitive, so I have to be careful to use natural, non-aggressive products and Lush offers exactly that. They use organic, natural ingredients and they also don’t test their products on animals. And did I mention that their products and shops have the best scent?


These to smelled and sounded so good I couldn’t pick just one. I got torn between sunny yellow shower cream Yuzu and Cocoa and more girly, fuxia colored shower cream named The Comforter.

lush (3)

Yuzu and Cocoa The scent of this sunny-yellow mixture is similar to chocolate with orange or jaffa cookies. No wonder, as the ingredients list includes cocoa, citrus and bergamot. It’s really kind to your skin and it surrounds you with a light, fruity, natural fragrance. It is ideal for those mornings you just can’t wake up, as this scent will make you feel fresh. When you shower, you have a feeling it is still summer.


The Comforter Pink decided to find a way into my world this summer. I’m not a pink person but somehow I can’t resist pink nail polish, pink dress or pink shower gel.

lush (1)

And the first reason why I picked this one up was the fuxia color, but when I smelled it I had to buy it. Black currant, bergamot and cypress oil did the trick. And it also includes the first certificated vanilla absolute from a fair store. It has a bit more feminine, flowery scent, perfect for an energizing shower before a party.


And which is your favorite Lush shower gel?



Photo: Cute Life & Lush


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