Nika Kljun rules over and over again

Nika Kljun surprised us with another amazing choreography to Meghan Trainor’s playful song “Me Too”.

The class video was filmed at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles and it features many young talents that took part in her class. In just three days, the video has reached more than 100k views and we are sure it will inspire many viewers.

Tiffany Maher, Morgan Choice, Sam McWilliams, Savana Petruzello, Serena Petruzello, Jessica Cummings, Josh Alexander, Valentino Vladimirov, Giuseppe Giofre, Kenny DelaCruz…

Nika Kljun with a dance class
Nika Kljun with a dance class

Photo: Nika Kljun,

Filmed by: Typo / Mytypolife

Pia Anžel

The Video Queen (Video Editor)

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