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Ljubljana Fashion Week ended on Saturday 16 th of April with five fashion shows for autumn-winter 2016/2017 by brands MORRO, ALMIRASADAR, Maio, Pentlja Concept Store and Draž.

The last two fashion shows left the most impression on me and were probably one of my favourites of the whole week.


Pentlja Concept Store

Pentlja charmed me with their feminine but strong styles and the perfect detail – a bow. The beautiful dresses styled with pieces of statement jewellery definitely drew my eye and I just loved the show.


Pentlja Concept Store opened its doors in autumn 2016 with an intention to offer a selection of Slovenian and regional designer pieces in one place. Along with clothes, jewellery and accessories the store also offers selected cosmetics, home decorations, fashion and lifestyle magazines and gifts. Pentlja Concept Store is located in the old city centre as a magical land of beautiful things where time stops


Draž (Urška in Tomaž Draž)


My favourite things about the collection are definitely the patterns that demand attention in an unobtrusive way. The inspiration and its creation, described by the designers impressed me.


Autumn-winter collection Draž 2016/2017 was created in collaboration with the institute MATHEMA. Their translations of mathematical formulas into colourful art image are applied on knitted structure. The sharp contrast is presented by black and white processing of Palaeolithic op-art patterns. Graphic were generated by the open-code program SURFER and the Palaeolithic op art-patterns, based on work of dr. Slavik Jablan, were designed with the program of doc. dr. Izidor Hafner, developed especially for this opportunity.


What did the other designers say about their collections?

MORRO (Tatjana Kalamar Morales)

Back to the Form

The collection ˝Back to the Form˝ is the redefinition of form. Quality is the soul of the dress. It is trust. It is a personal declaration of belonging. Yes, we need the dress or we want it. For MORRO, both is important: perfect functionality and emotional aesthetics. Men and women business clothes demand perfection in the process of creation of every detail, important to see the difference between touching and feeling, between using and succeeding.



ALMIRASADAR (Almira Sadar)


The collection is made for every woman who feels good in comfortable, soft and functional clothes, for all of the lovers of “athleisure” clothes that combine yoga pants with other pieces during the whole day. The collection is a mixture of sports clothes and leisurewear: oversized tracksuits and comfortable clothes, combined with wide belts made out of cashmere, wool and knitwear. Silhouettes of the clothes adapt to the way we tie them up and they are appropriate for every size.



Maio (Maria Krnić)


Men’s collection was inspired by the movie Oliver Twist that also gave the name to it. A lot of attention was given to details that round up the whole and present Oliver in a unique way. Colours are autumn-y, combined with grey. ˝I stepped away from the classic with combining materials, such as tweed, with sport cuts, interesting circle-shaped pockets and feathered prints. We all know the story of Oliver Twist, who had to steal to survive, which was the reason for deep pockets in his pants.˝



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Photos: Pia Anžel in Barbara Karničar (Cute Life), Jure Makovec (LJFW)

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