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There was a beautiful new and ispiring fairytale going on last week in Belgrade.

Despite all the organization I could not manage to take part at this amazing evening and now I am looking at all this amazing pictures and the whole ambient that was created for the Calla collection. I am so ispired by all the work and progress that Ines is doing in the last yeas that I know her and this collection sure is a peak in her creative career.



Ines Jankovic has presented a new collection of wedding dresses last week in the Pavillion Veljkovic at the Center for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade. Ines named it the collection CALLA – Story of white dress.




White dress in different styles was presented on a stage, as a theater show. The art director of the show was designer Maria Jelesijevic. Models were appearing one after the other in a variety of white robes, on the scene in front of a huge wall, which drew Belgrade artist Daria Basta. The music went live by popular string quartet Intermezzo from Belgrade. Fantastic light effects were made by Hungarian light designers – La Luz.




Due to high demand, Ines presented her new collection two times in two different terms. At the end, traditionally,  Tijana T was the DJ for the after party. This was the ideal opportunity for INES Atelier to present the jewelry collection for Modern Bride, which was exhibited in the courtyard of the Pavillion Veljkovic.





This was just a preview and intro to a new collection of jewelry line  Bird in space, which is going to have a special presentation in few months.

See the whole CALLA feeling below:





Photos: Ines Atelier

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